getKOLA@school is an initiative to work with Secondary School children around the world and in a mutually beneficial way.

getKOLA begins this relationship with a career talk for the children – click here to see a slide presentation that is typical to a developing country

To take advantage of this initiative, the School Head will book an engagement with getKOLA, whereby the following must take place:

1) Agree a date and time (propose 3 date options for getKOLA below) where getKOLA takes the the entire school children through a “What will you become” session, and the school staff (academic and non-academic) on The Making of a Champion session. You must allow at least 75-90 minutes for the session with the children and another 60-80 minutes for the staff session – there is no requirement as to which one is carried out first.

2) Although getKOLA has made a decision not to charge a professional fee for this school engagement, a token charge will be made to cover reasonable costs, and this will be advised once the contact has been made.

getKOLA@school NOW by sending a message below!

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