The Go-Getter

This is an introduction the idea of The Go-Getter via The Blue Vase Story.

It is the story of a young war veteran, William (Bill) Peck, who desired to work at an establishment majorly owned by a retired Colonel. With a slight limp and a left forearm amputated to the elbow, he had already been turned down by the corporation’s top managers; however, being determined to work at this establishment, he approached Colonel Ricks directly for a job! He was eventually taken on to start at a lower rate of pay than was due to the position he was offered. Having proved his mettle in the assignments set for him, Colonel Ricks decided to give him the The Blue Vase Degree Test (the supreme test of a Go-Getter).

LISTEN TO THE STORY HERE NOW! This audio version starts after a 20-second introduction by getKOLA – You will not only learn good things from it, but you will certainly enjoy it (endeavour to listen at least twice) – listening time is 53 minutes.

You can also read the full story here! This is the free version that is available online, and although it may not necessarily tie in directly to the audio, the story line with the principles it proposes remain intact.

The watchword of the Go-Getter: IT SHALL BE DONE!


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